woensdag 13 mei 2015

Candids of double crossed legs

Allways wear your camera or mobile phone to spot double crossed legs

Double crossed legs on the couch

Comfortable on the couch sitting with her legs double crossed, the viewer will enjoy this as much as she does

2 women, one has her legs double crossed

Also on tv you see women with double crossed legs. Be sharp at every moment and also watch youtube, dailymotion, metacafe, clipfish etc. etc.

Double crossed legs; sexy or art?

This one looks more like art, but also nice to see, women wearing overknees and then crosse legs or better double crossed legs are...........................
You know what i mean

Double crossed legs the start of a new blog with lots of pictures

Women who sit with there legs double crossed turn me on. Crossed legs are beautiful, but double crossed legs are great.
I first discovered this when i was on holiday and i was in my puberty. Women who often sit with double crossed legs, please send me a picture if you think it's an honour to be on this website - blog.
The pictures are with jeans, bare legs, pantyhose, with shoes or without shoes, everything is possible as long as it contains double crossed legs.

One condition: 100% women, no men (trans or whatever) female legs only!!!